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Andrew at Qualcomm Stadium Shoot for Octagon and AllstateP hotography has been a part of my life since age 12 when I built my own darkroom. I still have my old film camera but love the new technology more. In recent years I’ve become very ‘focused’ on the essential blending of technology, eye, mind and light. I started my business just a few years ago, and have been enjoying a wonderful mix of diverse opportunities with fantastic clients ever since.

Andrew at Qualcomm Stadium Shoot for Octagon and AllstateIam very passionate about my work and believe diversity is just as important as specializing. Diversity brings greater creativity and opportunities for new experiences, as well as ideas on how to blend techniques from one area of photography into another. And as no two clients are the same, so too are no shoots the same. Every shoot is personalized. Creativity capturing and being a brief part of people’s lives are two additional elements that compel me to photograph professionally.


Andrew at Qualcomm Stadium Shoot for Octagon and AllstateIwas raised in a creative, artistic and technical environment. My mother was a teacher and master of art. Her work included many amazing, large scenic works of art with fabric and thread, some of which are on display in prominent public places, and she was the chief artist for the Calgary Centnnial Planetariium. My father is an artist, too. As a surgeon he discovered, created, and provided pioneering ways to give life. He is very well published and worked all in many differenet countries. Add to this my step-father, who was an art professor and renowned watercolor and mixed-media artist, whose works are reflect the beauty of many wonderful places from all over the world. These elements and more have given me a great appreciation for the many aspects of art.

After studying at the undergraduate and graduate level in the arts and sciences, I directed my creatvity towards technology to help visualize the space around us. I became accomplished in computer mapping and the abstract use of space by I applying these skills with my affinity for computer programming. Over the years I published a number of articles, graphic projects, and applications, and these earned me a number of local, state and international awards. Now I focus my time purely on creative works. When not photographing or travelling I am building things for others with my hands.

More personally, I can say that diversity in photography comes from my life. I was born in the United Kingdom and after for a few years lived several years in three states of the U.S. before spending a year in Scotland, followed by 15 years in Canada, and then over 20 years in the U.S.. I've travelled across most of Europe, parts of the Middle-East, Canada, much of the U.S ., including The Hawaiian Islands, and tropical Mexico, and Chile in South America. Every place has added richness to my view of the world and to photography. You can read more about my photography in DiscoverSanDiego.com.

Some shoots require a team approach. Depending upon the complexity and timing of photo shoots I will enlist the experitize of a team. The photoshoot team includes three associate photographers and two makeup artists and hair stylists.

Published Articles

Before focusing exclusively on photography - I spent two decades performing and designing computer mapping programms, traffic engineering, as an IT director, and three years teaching part-time at the University of San Diego. During that time I made a number presentations at conferences, to city councils, to and a board range of peers and experts, and I published several articles and received a variety of local, state and international awards. Here is a sample of some techincal and aesthetic works, giving a little more information about me.

Map The Yukon

Map The Yukon Article PDFWhen the San Diego Oceans Foundation sank a Canadian Destroyer, it wasn’t an act of war. Rather, it was a brilliant way to turn a wartime relic into an environmentally friendly artificial reef that could provide hours of pleasure for divers, increase San Diego tourism, and provide an economical alternative for decommissioning mothballed warships. To select a sink site, ensure safety in the reef environment, generate revenue, and create maps that are readable 100 feet below the water’s surface, SDOF employed geospatial technologies. Yes, that's me on the cover of the journal, as I'm photogrpahed underwater using the map I created. Select the image to view the article PDF

Wired in San Diego

Wired In San Diego Article PDFA custom-built mapping and internet application is created for San Diego to provide an excellent snapshot of its broadband infrastructure and business opportunities. The highly functional, very interactive GIS-based Web application provided usel to multiple agencies for boosting local economic development. Select the image to view the article PDF


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