Event. A moment in time that commemorates, celebrates, recognizes achievement, or the sharing of ideas. Because events are visual and dynamic, there is no better way to capture, preserve and record the moment and its activities than through photography or videography.

Because events are as varied and individual as their purpose, event photography must be fast-paced, precise, thorough, unobtrusive, of high quality, and very professional. At AbounaPhoto we promise to deliver the very best event photography available anywhere, anyplace, anytime. We have very extensive experience shooting small local or large international events, and just as much experience photgraphing smaller personal events like baby showers.. And we believe in providing stellar service at a great value.

Whether a small event of a dozen people, or a large event with over several thousand attendees, we promise to provide exceptional event photography anywhere in the United States through our San Diego studio, or in South America through our studio in Santiago, Chile location. We would be delighted to provide free quote for any type of photographic service for your event, and our rates are certain to meet your budget. Please contact me to request more information.

Event Photography Galleries

  • Corporate Events Photography

    We photograph a broad range of corporate events at a host of venues. Many events we photograph span 16-hour days with several thousand attendees, while other events are a few hours on a single day for a small group. We photograph International Conferences, Awards Ceremonies, Annual Celebrations, Symposiums, Team Building, and Trade shows and Exhibit Halls.

  • Military Events Photography

    Military events photography is very much like corporate event photography with the exception of subject matter, participants, and venue. We have photographed the highest ranking military leaders for the USA, admirals, generals, decorated veterans, ambassadors, even actors, and at a number of military facilities. We capture Leadership Conferences, Team Building, Training and Homecomings.

  • Political Events Photography

    Political events with recognizable political officials can bring active audiences and high security. We are highly respectful and mindful of our surroundings and this helps to remain focused on capturing key shots of officials and venues. We work seamlessly with event, political officials and their respective staffs to ensure the right and most useful photos are captured..

  • Concerts Photography

    Lighting, position and camera settings are two key elements in concert photography. Whether at an indoor or outdoor venue we feel it's important to concentrate on these technical elements while also using mood to create the best photographs of an on stage performance. Whether a large concert venue, small unplugged audition or posed promotional shots, we provide precise and artistic work.

  • Private Parties

    Exciting, varied, and sometimes very personal. We give the same attention to parties as much as we do corporate events. With are experienced photographing a range of parties for any occasions, including birthdays. anniversaries, showers, halloween, holidays, and at any venue on land or on yachts.

  • Professional Organizations and Venues

    This is a special section for event photography. In addition showing venues, we are pleased to note that many organizations we we shoot for are ones to which we either belong to or are non-profit. When possible, AbounaPhoto donates our services when to some very important 501 3(c) organizations.

""A photograph can be an instant of life that will never cease looking back at you." ~ Brigitte Bardot